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The combination of mast height and camera resolution offers a cost effective and safe alternative to roof damage assessment.

High Camera is often called upon to photograph the roofs of unusual or tall houses when conventional means just wont do.

Camera resolution is so good that individual sand grains in mortar are visible.

This technique can also be used to provide external roof examinations prior to house purchase.

A good example of this was the house below, persistent leaks had troubled the owner for some time, on seeing these images he claimed “I would never have bought the house if I had known about the bodged dormer extension”

Large tall Victorian and Edwardian terrace houses are a classic example of how difficult roof surveys can be. This 5 storey house in the centre of Glasgow on a very busy road had a roof that was invisible from the ground. Using scaffolding or a cherry picker would have been very expensive and caused traffic disruption. High Camera managed to survey the roof in less than 20 mins without the traffic jams or expense.

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