The technique of using a telescopic mast to take elevated photographs has been around for many years but recent advances in digital camera technology have now made it the most efficient, safest, economical and environmentally friendly method of obtaining high quality aerial imagery.


In order to obtain the highest quality imagery we use the very latest high resolution (24 million pixel) Nikon D3X digital cameras and lenses. These are secured to a military specification, air operated telescopic mast which can be extended up to 22 metres in height. The mast is mounted on a long wheel base 4 x 4 Land Rover Defender which enables the photographer to go practically anywhere, on or off road.

So what alternatives are there ?

Aircraft - Very expensive. Not legally permitted to fly low enough to capture detail and frequently refused access to some areas.

Cherry picker - Expensive to hire. Require additional operatives. Access difficult on rough ground. very slow.

Other mast operators - There are many operators of mast systems around the country - most are unqualified and use low resolution amateur cameras mounted on hand operated small masts.

What does it cost ?

No location or assignment is ever the same.

We ask that you call or email to discuss your exact requirements.

We have operating bases in the North West and South East of England but can travel anywhere in the UK, Ireland or mainland Europe to carry out assignments.

Highest possible quality comes as standard however, if your requirements dictate we can use state of the art software to enhance or add artwork to the product.

Imagery is supplied on CD / DVD in NEF, TIFF or JPEG format. Printing and framing to any size can also be arranged.

If you would like to know more contact Glenn Wheeler LBIPP our principal photographer who has 30 years experience in the industry.

All content of this site is copyright, however if you wish to use any of the imagery please ask first.

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